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Addicted to romance travel ourselves, we've been planning destination weddings, honeymoons and romantic getaways for over two decades. You can count on signature packages and white glove concierge service for your dream escape.

Welcome to White Sand Travel

White Sand Travel has over 25 years experience curating romantic getaways to the most coveted destinations in the world, specializing in the Caribbean and Mexico.  Turn your destination wedding, honeymoon or  romantic getaway into memories you'll treasure for a lifetime.


Judith White: Owner and Romance Travel Advisor

Years before I built my own travel agency, I would have the local travel agency in my neighborhood book my vacations. Most every time, I was disappointed. After ending up in a sterile condo on my honeymoon instead of the promised powdered white sand beach resort I’d paid for, I threw in the towel and got down to business. Learning all that was involved in putting together an itinerary for a romantic excursion took years. I learned the ins-and outs and complexities of travel planning, and the key ingredients to being successful at it.


I realized that to do it right—you have to have a love for travel, a genuine desire to make people happy, and integrity above all. It wasn’t long until I built my own boutique agency and was able to deliver the experiences I knew people we’re looking for, experiences I was looking for but could never quite find. Today, I’m proud to be able to provide romantic travel services to my customers and not only spare them from lost time, frustration and disappointment—but deliver the extraordinary, memorable experiences they’ve dreamed of. 

Image by Link Hoang

White Sand Travel is a boutique luxury travel agency for discerning couples seeking the ultimate romantic getaway. We’re able to customize the perfect itinerary for every traveler, based upon their every need and desire.

New to White Sand Travel is our ‘getaways in-a-box’ packages for those adventuresome travelers who are ready to go — without having to deal with all the planning. 


At White Sand Travel, we’re dedicated to designing extraordinary getaways certain to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Built upon a platform of integrity and a genuine desire to create lasting memories for you—we dedicate ourselves to making ourselves available to you and delivering an extraordinary experience, beginning to end. 



Integrity is the constant that runs through all we do. We get that trust is key when it comes to a company’s success, so we keep all we do transparent and available should you ever want to peak under the covers. 



We want you to become romantic travel junkies too. We’re invested in listening to your needs and wants, taking the hard work off your shoulders, and delivering unforgettable experiences, customized to a ‘T’.  



Our middle name is ‘Inside Scoop’. We pride ourselves on our knowledge in the romance travel industry, which allows us to zero in on the best solutions with highest-level service, the accommodations and the amenities you’re looking for.


At White Sand Travel, we promise to do all we can to deliver white-glove service. We will work honestly, efficiently and passionately, listen to your every need, and leverage all we know to create the ideal romantic getaway.

Romantic Destination Getaway 


Why Choose White Sand Travel?

You’ll save countless hours of research, circumvent the fake reviews, bogus deals and false advertising. With us there’s no guess-work and no let-down once your arrive at your destination. With White Sand Travel, you can be confident that you’ll experience exactly what you would expect to find when booking with a premier travel agency. We’ll build the ideal itinerary based upon all we learn from you and you’ll benefit from our experience, our first-hand knowledge of each property we recommend and enjoy the ‘real’ deals we’re able to acquire through our long-trusted business relationships. All 100% transparent.


All of our reviews are 5-stars. Our reputation is defined by our personalized service, the amazing romantic itineraries we design, and most importantly, the satisfaction we deliver to our customers. 


  • Why is it better to book my romantic travel with White Sand Travel?
    We believe that White Sand Travel provides an invaluable service. From our years of experience in the romance travel industry, we've got the inside scoop on everything from choosing the best locations for the time of year, the special deals with our partners, the answers to all of your questions, and the attention to detail in creating a bespoke package just for you. You'll have us at your beck and call throughout your journey and a suite of perks you most probably wouldn't find on your own. Having White Sand Travel do all the leg work for you not only saves you time, money, and the headache but also ensures your experience is all that you've dreamed of start-to-finish.
  • What's the difference between a 'bespoke' package and your 'getaways in-a-box'?
    Great question. Our 'Bespoke' packages of course are much more involved, usually requiring layers of planning in great detail to accommodate lots of guests—which means multiple reservations, special requests, and all kinds of planning to ensure your special day (honeymoon, wedding, vow renewal, honeymoon hop, buddy-moon, etc.) are coordinated to a 'T'. Planning a bespoke Destination Package can take Months, and therefore demands a far higher Planning Fee. While both options are designed for romance in the sun and sand, our Getaways In-A-Box allow you to jump in head-first into one of our romantic getaways that we've already curated for you in advance. You still get all the white-glove services as our other packages, but without the fuss. If you're looking to skip to the head of the line this is the way to go. We've curated the best packages, in the best locations for the right time of year, at the best prices. All you need to do is pack a bag and show up with your sandals. Our Travel Planning Fee is one-time, flat rate; much lower than for a Bespoke package.
  • Can you help us choose the best destination?
    You bet. Our initial consultation will allow us to get to know you and learn what matters most to you. Based upon your needs, present several choices for you to choose from, and then customize a detailed itinerary based upon your first choice. Your package will all that you've envisioned — from location to amenities, activities to theme. From romantic to adventure, relaxed to classic tourism, you can count on all of our packages delivering the ultimate in stunning locations with romantic settings designed to deliver an experience of a lifetime.
  • Do you specialize in travel to specific locations?
    Yes we do! White Sand Travel specializes in locations with white sandy beaches in gorgeous locations around the world. Mexico and Caribbean locations are some of our more popular destinations with great accessibility and affordability.
  • How far in advance should we book our destination wedding or honeymoon.
    Of course the more time you have, the better. Remember that Destination Weddings and Honeymoons with larger parties can take months of planning (6-12 months), whereas the itineraries for our Getaways In-A-Box and Romantic Travel Specials are created for you in advance so you can pick up and go at a moment's notice.
  • Will you let us know about the ever-changing travel rules and what documents we need to bring?
    Absolutely. Another perk of having White Sand Travel manage your trip—we keep abreast of all the travel requirements and restrictions throughout the world, send you updates during the planning stage, and a final checklist before you travel so you'll never be caught off-guard.
  • Can you also manage all of our transportation once we're at our destination?
    Yes! We plan every detail of your trip. All of our travel packages include transportation to and from the airport along with all the destinations included in your itinerary. We're able to call our service 'White Glove' because we handle all the details in advance so you don't have to.
  • What do your travel Planning Fees cover?
    Our Travel Planning Fees cover our White-Glove Service start-to-finish. All of our packages include a host of white-glove services to ensure you receive the attention to detail you can expect only with a premier travel agent. Depending upon location, amenities, occasion and guest count, our traditional Planning Fees will depend upon your itinerary, and could include some or all of the following: + Complementary phone call to review our White Glove planning services and your dream-destination must-haves / research and customize ideal destination locations, rooms and amenities / review customized packages ​ + wedding, honeymoon and vow renewal packages, 4 to 5-star hotel and first-class or business class flights / travel loyalty programs and fast-track customs / travel insurance and flights / reserve private transportation ​ + guest reservations for rooms and transportation /pre-registration service / coordinate dietary + special requests / additional reservations (restaurant, spa, events, excursions) / coordinate concierge services / gift registry + customized newsletter / travel itinerary, checklist and documents / insurance and destination residency requirements / 24-hour support when you need us ——————— Our 'Getaways In-A-Box' packages have significantly lower Planning Fees, as these are pre-packaged trips designed for the last-minute traveler. ​

Consider it done.

We’re always available for any last minute questions or services on the day you leave for your trip, so there are no travel surprises to throw you off track. You can reach out for support if you need it during your trip, and we’ll follow up when you return to make sure every single element of your trip was absolutely magical.

All of our packages are 4 and 5 Star and are tailored to your unique preferences.


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