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Flying made easy and "fun-ner"

I will not take credit for these tips. They were posted on Facebook by a Flight Attendant but they are so important that I thought I would condense it and share it with you, my valued clients and readers.

  1. Download and use the app of the airline you are flying. You can do everything on it - get your boarding pass, track your bags, see your incoming plane, and change a flight.

  2. Fly MUCH earlier than you need to - a whole day early if it’s important!! Don't be the one to miss important things like weddings, cruises, international connections, and graduations.

  3. ALWAYS fly the first flight in the morning so you have all day to be rebooked if there is a problem.

  4. Keep in mind summer is thunderstorm season. A single storm can shut down a whole airport. We can't fly through them. Storms usually build as the day gets later. Book early flights!

  5. Schedule long layovers - Your 1-hour layover is NOT enough anymore. 30 minutes, not a chance.

  6. Airlines are short staffed and overworked. Not just pilots and flight attendants, but also ground crews. Without ground crews there is no one to park the planes, drive jetways, get your bags on/off planes, or scan boarding passes. This causes many delays that snowball throughout the day.

  7. Flight crew CANNOT fly longer than 16 hours. It’s illegal.

  8. Being drunk on an airplane is a federal offense, so don't overdo it. If you drink too much at the bar waiting for your delayed flight, you risk not being allowed to fly at all.

  9. Get trip insurance if you have a lot of money invested.

  10. Flights are FULL. If you buy the cheap seats, you will not be able to sit with your family. It says so when you purchase your ticket!!

  11. If a flight is oversold, and no one volunteers to give up their seats, who do you think is the first to be bumped? You guessed it, the family that saved a few $$ by using sites like Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire etc.

  12. Pack smart.

  13. Bring a sweater if you tend to be cold.

Final thoughts - Travel is fun. Do your part to keep it fun.

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