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All you need to know about a magical honeymoon

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Insider Tips on How to Have a Magical Honeymoon

You want a fabulous and magical honeymoon, right? But you’re concerned that after spending money on the wedding, reception venue, caterer, florist etc. , you still have shell out ever more cash to have type of honeymoon you’ve dreamed of.

You’re afraid that you may not have the magical honeymoon you can afford.

We have 5 tips to help you have a fabulous, affordable and magical honeymoon

Value vs price – This serves as a reminder that while it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest package when planning your honeymoon escape, some things ARE worth paying a little bit extra for.  For example, the difference between a room with a view and a room with a view of the parking lot is often not that much more expensive.

Opt for the better view.

Book early and save! – From flights, hotel rooms, and resort stays it always pays off to book early. The longer you wait, the fewer rooms will be available and prices could increase for available rooms and for available flights.  This means that you shouldn’t wait until all of the details of your wedding are planned out to begin planning your honeymoon.

Start thinking about where you might want to go before you’ve set the wedding date to better plan around things like hurricane season and you’ll be that much better off when it’s time to make honeymoon arrangements.

Discounts – It’s tempting to hop onto websites that promise cheap airfare and book the cheapest flight from home to your destination, but before you do make sure you’re considering all the relevant factors.

  • How long are the layovers? – Sometimes paying a little more to avoid spending the first day of your honeymoon in airports is worth it.

  • What do baggage fees look like? – Some airlines charge for carry-ons as well as checked bags, so look at their policies before you finalize your plans.

  • Does the flight get you to the location of the resort, or will you need to book a separate/smaller flight to get to the desired island/locale? – Sometimes big travel sites won’t have flights that go directly to small islands or more remote destinations, so be sure you know exactly where you are landing in relation to your destination before booking.

  • What is the cancellation policy? – What happens in the event of bad weather or you need to cancel or reschedule due to illness or unexpected injury? If you need to re-schedule your honeymoon unexpectedly, you want to know that you won’t have lost the cost of your package.

All-Inclusive Resorts – This may seem expensive, but they’re a frugal couples dream!  Prices look elevated when you’re checking out “per night” rates because they include meals, adult beverages, entertainment, and a host of other “secret expenses” that inevitably pop up while you’re away from home.

From currency exchange expenses from your bank and ATM fees, to fees charged by your credit card company for international transactions, the number of surprise costs honeymooners encounter when they return home do add up quickly. Booking an all-inclusive resort ensures that your honeymoon will fit into the confines of your budget and be surprise free.

Save time – A travel agent who specializes in romance travel is worth the service fee in discounts and convenience. If comparing resorts and airlines is making your head spin after weeks and months of wedding planning, contact a travel agent.

Their fees are often negligible in comparison to the amount of time and money you’re able to save by booking with someone who is experienced in booking international and domestic travel, especially if you can find an agency who specializes in romance travel. Romance travel agencies will keep the fact that this is your HONEYMOON in mind when they are seeking arrangements.

Those who are seeking budget-friendly options aren’t always willing to pay for booking travel because they feel they can do it just as well themselves, but sometimes the reality is that the headaches you’ll save are worth the small fee a travel agent requires.

Especially when an agent can take your budget into account and find the best travel plans for the money you’re able to spend. The value of having professional help cannot be overstated!

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