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Approach to avoid honeymoon planning mistakes

5 honeymoon planning mistakes that most couples make and how you can avoid them

Statistic reports that only 25% of honeymoon couples have their dream honeymoon. That’s not a good thing is it? Something is wrong with the way we’re approaching honeymoon planning.

Your honeymoon is the very first days of vacation that you will take together as husband and wife and it deserves just as much attention as your wedding. What are some of the mistakes that are common but can also be avoided?

After talking to hundreds of couples, a few things are pretty obvious…

There are tons of information on honeymoon planning which causes major confusion – there is a mountain of information to sift through and way too much time is required to invest in research.

According to Alphanso, he contacted me because he thought he had an easy job of planning the honeymoon but he was falling asleep at his computer every night, trying to land the perfect package.

I designed his honeymoon and he said “Judith, I would not change anything, our honeymoon was perfect.”

Isn’t this what you want? A perfectly planned honeymoon?

Well then, take these points into consideration and avoid the common honeymoon planning mistakes.

1. Delayed planning

The ideal time to start planning your honeymoon is 9 months prior to the wedding date. By waiting too late to start planning means you may find that premium rooms are sold out, flight schedules are limited, and fares could be higher.

In addition, much of the honeymoon financial allocation may have been spent towards other items and now the funds are limited.

2. What exactly is your dream honeymoon?

You may have a dream of your perfect honeymoon but is that a mutual dream? How different are those dreams and where is the common thread? It is very important that you design your honeymoon based on your personal tastes and lifestyle.

An experienced Travel Consultant who specializes in romance travel will be able to zoom in on what is a good fit for you.

3. How much are you relying on Internet for ideas?

The internet is a hub for information and can provide a wealth of options for booking your vacations. However, your honeymoon is not your ordinary vacation and requires much more than finding a great deal on the internet.

Consider that you are not interacting with a “real person” to get first-hand knowledge about your interests and therefore, you are making judgments based on what you see and read. Pictures can be outdated, and descriptions can be exaggerated.

4. Not seeking professional help

Travel Consultants have insider knowledge on promotions and they also have personal relationships with travel suppliers which means they can sometimes negotiate on your behalf. They also can save you endless research time and can offer you great insights about the destination and resort of your interest.

Your Romance Travel Consultant will customize a package as well as have knowledge about additional romantic touches that will enhance your experience.

5. Inadequate budget

As I talk to couples about honeymoon plans, there seems to be a common thread – insufficient funds.  Often this happens because there is a huge amount of time and money directed to the wedding and the honeymoon is sometimes the last thing to get any attention.  The typical wedding ceremony lasts six hours and is centered on your family and friends while your honeymoon will is between 4 and 10 days and “about just the two of you”.

It is important to give just as much attention and budget to the honeymoon as you would do for the wedding itself. If funds are tight, work with a Romance Consultant to design ways to help you make better financial plans to afford your dream.

We understand the expenses of a wedding. With careful planning and a few tweaks, you may still be able to have a dream wedding and a dream honeymoon.

Honeymoon planning can be fun…. when it is done expertly.

Let us know your views on this topic.

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