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Boost your wedding guest book with these tips

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Do you need to have a wedding guest book?

Quite honestly, you do not need one, but you may want to take some time later to see what congratulatory messages your guests left you.

If you have a destination wedding, one great way to capture memories (besides photographs) is with your wedding guest book or you can opt for wedding guest book alternatives that show off your creativity.

These adventurous wedding guest book alternatives are a great way to capture your carefree spirit and match your wedding style.

Here are some of our favorites:

Seashells: If you are hosting your wedding in the sand, seashells are a great piece of decor that can double as a wedding guest book. Hunt for shells along the shoreline in the weeks or months leading up to your big day and display them on a table at your reception. You can ask guests to sign their name and well wishes onto these shells for a memorable keepsake you will cherish forever.

Globe: Love is a journey, and so is this unique guest book idea. Share your love for adventure by displaying a vintage globe at your reception. Ask guests to sign near their favorite vacation spots so you can get new travel ideas and learn more about your wedding guests.

Postcards:  Collect postcards from your favorite places, or destinations you are dreaming of visiting, and use them as a wedding guest book alternatives. Have guests sign the postcards so you can memorialize this place forever, and then display them in your home as you please.

Message in a bottle:  Nautical themed-weddings can collect messages the old-fashioned way: in a bottle! Encourage your guests to sign slips of paper and then have them slip it into a bottle. You and your partner can open it at a later date.

Bucket list: If you and your partner love adventures, have your guests help you brainstorm some items for your marriage bucket list. Whether it’s watching the northern lights or going to see a local band down the street, you’re bound to end up with some unique date night ideas.

For even more great wedding guest book ideas, head over to Zola for a complete list of 52 unique guest book ideas.

You can create your own wedding and wedding guest book ideas for sure. However, we specialize in designing destination weddings without the added stress and worry.

Let us know your thoughts about this topic.

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