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Discover the hidden secrets of a FamilyMoon

Consider having a FamilyMoon

With many couples already having children by the time they get married, or becoming a ‘blended’ family with children from previous relationships, they may not want a traditional honeymoon. This leads to them embracing a FamilyMoon – the addition of their children and possibly other relatives such as grand-parents.

Sandals Resort has coined the phrase FamilyMoon It is when your wedding unites two families, “I do” becomes “We do.”

It is a great way to get the couple and famiies to unite, bond and have a fabulous vacation and celebration of love.

Sometimes a marriage doesn’t just bond two people in love. In those cases, weddings create full families. Many who get married after having children or who have children from previous partnerships choose to involve their children in their wedding ceremony.

Those same tightly knit, newly-formed family units are then faced with a dilemma. Should the kids go on the honeymoon, or stay with a relative until the parents return? Many newlywed parents opt to take their children on a family-oriented honeymoon, or FamilyMoon®, which will allow the couple and children to bond more fully as they embrace their new roles.

For families who have children, it’s often less “I do” than it is “we do” when vows are exchanged, which makes the FamilyMoon® a wonderful opportunity to unite and enjoy each other’s company.

Thankfully there are as many FamilyMoon destinations in exotic locations as there are all-inclusive resorts designed for couples. Beaches resorts are our favorites, as they have similar amenities to their adults-only sister resorts, but they also provide additional activities and resources for children.

It’s important to them that everyone in your family have a wonderful honeymoon experience. There is an art to planning an effortless family vacation, and all-inclusive resorts like Beaches have all you would need and more.

Some of our favorite locations for honeymoons and romantic travel are Turks & Caicos; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; and Negril, Jamaica and all 3 have family friendly, all-inclusive resorts. These are resorts which feature kids’ camps, Sesame Street characters and activities, waterparks, Xbox play lounges, Scratch DJ Academy which teaches essential song mixing skills, and a variety of water and land sports to keep the whole family entertained. (Not to mention the same romantic offerings you would expect at any other all-inclusive honeymoon accommodations – such as candlelit dinner services, adult-only nightclubs for after the kids are in bed, spa treatments and massages, and more!)

Whether you have babies and toddlers, kids, tweens, or teens – you are sure to have an invigorating, rejuvenating FamilyMoon® in the destination of your choice.

Let us know if you have questions, comments or feedback.

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