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Insider secrets on how travel makes you richer

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

What if I told you that despite the cost, travel makes you richer!

If you’re like me, the above quote rings like a church bell in your ears because travel lives in your blood. Yes…travel makes you richer!

I recently visited Jamaica and every time I go to that gorgeous island, I fall in love with it all over again! That place is just too sexy for me to stay away!!!

As soon as I get off the plane, I look for the Club Mobay rep holding a sign with my name on it so I can skip the Immigration and Custom lines and enjoy the private lounge until my driver is ready to take me to the resort. From the moment I step outside the doors of the airport, all the stress seems to fall off my shoulder as if it was like a bag that I’ve been carrying on my back forever.

I suck in the refreshing air, peek out the window (like a child going on their first trip) and marvel at the amazing blue waters and breath-taking views. In that moment, my mind says “I’m not going back home, I’m staying here…uhm forever!”

Jamaica has developed into a very sought after destination for vacations, honeymoons and destination weddings. With new highways, Club Mobay (for fast track through Immigration and Customs), I’m beginning to see why Delta Airlines have 5 flights out of Atlanta.

What do they know that we don’t?

You’ve heard of Sandals Resorts, right?

But, I digress! Have you been paying attention to what’s happening with the Sandals Resorts? Million-dollar renovations, sexy bathrooms, romantic tranquility soaking tubs…etc, etc, etc.! Pretty soon, you start to realize that you don’t want just any honeymoon or any vacation…you want a Sandals honeymoon! You want a Sandals vacation!

One of my favorite resorts in Jamaica is Sandals Royal Caribbean. On this visit, I decided to be a bunny and hop around the island. First, was a stop in Negril where I stayed at Sandals Negril and then I was whisked off to Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay. This resort has a few unique features – a private island, a nice cozy feel, hammocks, swings for two people in love and is the home of the first over-water bungalows… (those amazing villas are sold out until 2019) Smh!

But don’t despair, Sandals is build 15 new ones! You will not have to travel 14 hours or more to the Maldives.

What else is so special about Sandals Royal Caribbean?

  • Maybe you will enjoy the cultures from Britain to Bali

  • Majestic Georgian-styl

e Great House, surrounded by manicured gardens and roaming peacocks

  • Casual poolside and beach-side pleasures beckon by day, chic parties, an authentic Thai restaurant, and island-style extravaganzas invite excitement by night

  • Stay at one, play at three exchange privileges

  • Romantic candlelit dinners and secluded spots for a romantic rendezvous

Typically, I don’t enjoy traveling alone.

However, on this trip there were no such trepidation. I recall sitting on my patio of my gorgeous room (I resisted the temptation to pull my privacy shades and sit in the tranquility tub) and the peace I felt was so incredible that I didn’t want to go to eat breakfast.

I did make it for lunch and it honestly felt so idyllic as I sat under the hut of a wooden bench overlooking the ocean and listening to the waves crash against the shores. My lunch lasted 2.5 hours because the moment was just perfect! I forgot that I was alone.

What perfection are you looking for in your next vacation or your honeymoon? Let us know.

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