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Learn how to add romance to your honeymoon

Are you looking to add romance to your honeymoon experience?

When planning you honeymoon, one of the thoughts in the back of your mind is maybe how to add romance to your honeymoon experience. You want romance, romance and more romance. Maybe you’re not quite sure of is how to best make that happen. There are a myriad of honeymooner specialized packages, plans, and promotions available, so how do you find that perfect romantic activity?

Let us help steer you in the right direction with some of our favorites.

1. Sunset Walks on the Beach

Long walks on the beach are both classic and picturesque ways that you can enjoy one another’s company. Walking hand in hand, indulging in one another’s company is a very romantic exchange. There is something very calming about the sound of the ocean, the beauty of the crystal blue waters and the gentle drum of your heartbeats as if in unison.

2. Getting a Couples’ Massage

Some people aren’t comfortable getting a massage, which is why this activity is a two-part suggestion. The name of the game here is to relax and let all the stress of honeymoon planning melt away. There is no pressure here to do more than sit or lay back and let the tension leave your shoulders and back while you’re enjoying the company of your new life partner. Take the experience up a notch by opting for the massage outdoors in a palapa or over the calming waters of the ocean. I guarantee you will not want it to stop.

3. A Private Dinner

Spending time alone is of incredible importance when trying to find and maintain romance. Dinners out in family resorts or restaurants can be disturbed by noisy infants. That is why we suggest making time, even if it’s just one evening of your getaway, to dine privately together. Whether this is through one of the candlelit dinners or simply ordering room service and dining on your balcony – staying away from the crowds is a simple way to preserve the romantic mood of a honeymoon. Choose Butler Service and have your Butler serve up your dinner in 5-star fashion.

4. Indulge

Nothing spells romance more than splurging for that special moment. This may mean ordering a bottle of expensive wine or champagne, having the lobster instead of the salmon, or adding caviar to your meal – do something out of the ordinary. Remember, this is a celebration! Spoiling yourselves will make the meal even more special, and the memory will be one you’ll treasure.

5. Surprises!

Even people who don’t like surprises are likely to be charmed by a spontaneous love note or display of affection. Even something as simple as having a dessert brought up for when she gets out of the shower or making sure you return from the day’s hike to a bottle of chilled champagne will keep a spontaneous flow of romantic energy going. Let your imagination and creativity go and watch the pleasure on your mate’s face when he/she uncovers the surprise.

Score some brownie points!

Let’s face it, your honeymoon is a time for you to have fun and live in the moment. Do just that!

Reach out to us if you have questions or comments.

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