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What I wish everyone knew about honeymoon in Antigua

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The location of your honeymoon is a big deal. Think about a honeymoon in Antigua.

Are you still searching countless website hoping to bring your fairy-tale to life? Have you isolated the top 3 three honeymoon

choices, prepared a comparative analysis and still somewhat undecided?

How about considering a honeymoon in Antigua?

Although the internet provides a plethora of information, it can also be overwhelming and you may find the most important trip of your life (your honeymoon) not looking so fun after all.

You need help to sift through the noise, don’t you?

As a Romance Travel Expert, it is my job to create the dream escape for you. When I talk about this subject, I find that when many people think of their dream honeymoon destination, a beautiful tropical island comes to mind. They imagine lounging on powdery, white sand, sipping cocktails by (or in) a luxurious resort swimming pool, and taking in the sunset between swaying palms trees.

Of course, not all tropical island destinations are the same, and that’s why an expert Travel Agent can help guide you to the getaway spot of your dreams – like Antigua.

Romance, Your Way

If you love the crystal-clear water around the islands, complete with colorful marine life and coral-encrusted shipwrecks, Antigua is your honeymoon spot. It is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The island’s famous 365 safe harbors make it a world-class center for yachting.

If you’d like some adventure together, take in zip lining and rope challenge courses on an Antigua rainforest canopy tour. Or, if you prefer your scenery with a dose of relaxation and romance, head to Shirley Heights, where you can watch the sunset over the harbor while enjoying a picnic from the local café.

If your idea of romance includes enjoying the nightlife, the King’s Casino is open every night of the week, with table games, slot machines and live music and entertainment in the lounge. You can also head back to Shirley Heights on a Sunday when it becomes a vibrant party spot with traditional rum punch, a barbeque feast and a steel band to accompany the picture-perfect views.

For the most romantic honeymoon photographs, take the 90-minute ferry ride north to Barbuda, with its deserted eight-mile pink sand beach. The rose petal color of the sand comes from millions of pieces of crushed coral.

My top recommendation for your romantic honeymoon suite

There are many choices for accommodations in Antigua, from the popular all-inclusive Sandals Antigua resort to more private, smaller five-star getaways. As a Romance Travel Expert with years of experience under my belt, I’m here to tell you that my favorite Antiguan resort is the one that is voted “Worlds Most Romantic Resort” year after year. It is Sandals Grande Antigua which is located on the best and most famous beach – Dickenson Bay.

  • I love the two distinct villages – the Mediterranean and the Caribbean

  • With 11 different restaurants, I can match my appetite and my mood

  • And the Honeymoon Butler Rondoval with Private Pool Sanctuary is the hopeless romantic’s dream hideaway

If you’re yearning for the over-water experience, then try the newly opened Royalton Antigua.  Family-friendly and luxurious, you can find stylish architecture and eclectic and delectable food. The overwater bungalows with their picture-perfect views of the Caribbean Sea are sure to pique your curiosity.

You deserve a honeymoon experience that has your signature all over it! Let us know your thoughts.

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