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What’s on your list for wedding favors?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

When we attend weddings, we enjoy witnessing the ceremony and having fun at the reception.

But let’s face it, we are often times drawn to some of the unique things about the setup of the reception areas such as the candelabra, table centerpiece.

Unless you distribute something good, your kitschy-cute wedding favors you lovingly selected will probably be (perhaps guiltily) tossed in the garbage shortly after the ceremony.

To avoid the effort and money invested in sharing wedding favors with your guests, we invite you to review our Top Five DIY Wedding Favors. We have taken extra care to ensure that the list includes budget- friendly, simple to create favors that your guests will love and use!

(Don’t forget to check out the bonus link at the bottom for free, downloadable labels you can use to customize your favors to your wedding.)

It is all but scientific fact that more ChapStick ® and lip balms are lost than are finished each year. Help combat the problem by providing your guests with this ultra-simple to make lip balm from My Wedding Favors. With your choice of personalized design, you can always provide a useful favor that really communicates your theme.

This is an adorable (and delicious) idea for your guests. Who doesn’t like a good s’more? Even if you aren’t having a woodsy wedding like the blogger from A Crafted

Click here to access more information on how you can make these delicious, easily customizable favors that your guests are sure to enjoy.

DIY candles are the ultimate in DIY gifts. You can never have too many candles, and they make perfect wedding favors because they are so simple to customize. You can choose the scents you feature based on your wedding’s theme, and colors based on the palette you’ve selected for your wedding.

Perfection! (Floral scents would be perfect for spring and summer weddings, while pumpkin and nutmeg are a good combination for fall weddings, and of course cinnamon and peppermint are obvious winter wedding choices!)

Click here for link to make your candles for gifts in small shot glasses in her Crockpot. This is a favored recipe because her short process bypasses the “handling boiling water and wax” steps of other tutorials.

The recurring theme here is customization and things with literal flavor. For a real DIY feel, you can make the cookies or candies yourself, but if you’re short on time you may find just as much satisfaction in arranging the jars or plates of treats yourself and setting up your selection of “take out” containers. Your guests aren’t obligated to take treats that they aren’t interested in or any if they aren’t able to have sweets, and those who do will likely make up for anyone who turns down your offering.

You can find adorable take out containers from Oriental Trading Company in every color imaginable to match your wedding’s palette, or you can customize them with a photo of you and your beloved.

Click here for link.


Although it may not be the flashiest favor idea, it is certainly practical and is something you won’t mind keeping any extras. (The same might not be said of the cookie/candy buffet remains…) If you don’t have experience making soap, the experts over at Savvy Homemade suggest making Castile Soap because it is relatively simple, and we like it because their simple recipe can easily be doubled up if you expect a larger number of guests.

Finally, Popsugar has created a list of 59 free printable wedding favor labels and monogram sets. If you want to create DIY favors but still want to have stylish favors, we highly recommend you check out this link – – for their free labeling resources.

They also offer a few favor ideas, so if you still aren’t entirely sure about what you would like to distribute, check out some of their suggestions.

Let us know if you have comments or feedback. We would like to hear from you.

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