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Four easy ways to simplify your romance getaway plans

A romance getaway is a must for most couples - now, anyway. We’re all tired and all need a break. But the problem is, planning a getaway adds even more to your already overflowing plate, which is the opposite of the point. Why should it fall on you when you already do so much?

Honestly, it shouldn’t.

If you’ve never considered using a travel advisor before, this is the time.

Because the reality is, you don’t want to invest time you don’t have and spin your wheels figuring out your vacation experience.

Here are our best tips on how to simplify planning your romantic vacation.

1. Figure Out the When and Where

If you don't have a specific destination in mind, try narrowing it down first by region to give yourself multiple destinations to choose from. 

Suppose you know you want to have an overwater villa experience, you can start narrowing down your travel destinations to include places like Tahiti or the Maldives.

Or maybe you want a relaxing vacation in the tropics. Then you know you can start looking to places like the Caribbean for your ultimate getaway.

You don’t have to start off with a specific destination just yet. In fact, it may be better to start with only a vague idea instead. 

This way, you can adjust your plans to allow for changes in your budget and your time-off schedule and score the best deals possible for your trip.

Then you can decide when. And remember to consider the weather, peak season pricing etc.


2. Check for Special Promotions

Having a set list of brands you’re interested in refines your search for deals.

Very often, resorts launch promotions where you can get a free night for booking a certain number of nights—usually four—and get the fifth free.

Look for exclusive offers or promotions to increase the value of your getaway.

Take into consideration resort credits - they can be valuable as well.


3. Define Your Budget and Prioritize Vacation Value

Many people start at the dollar sign, deciding first if the dollars make “cents.” We disagree, though, because firstly, not everyone has a realistic idea right off the bat how much is an average or reasonable package price or how much is highfalutin’.

Scoping out the range for wants and needs specific to you is a much better baseline to work from than planning based on a dollar amount.

Additionally, airfare has a tremendous impact on the package price, so budget can—and should—shift according to destination.


4. Ask (and Book With!) a Travel Advisor

All of that seems like a lot of work … and it is!

But there’s a way to bypass all of that. The one most major travel hack you can implement is to simply book with a professional, licensed travel advisor.

You can skip all of that legwork yourself by putting this one tip front and center, since they’ll do all the research for you, plus fill in any gaps for questions you might not even think to ask.

If you want assistance in planning your vacation, White Sand Travel Advisors are eager to curate your ideal experience. Contact us at 770-469-7370. Visit our website at


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