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A honeymoon in Anguilla is guaranteed to excite you

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The dream of a honeymoon in Anguilla with it’s unsurpassed beauty and charm has stolen your heart!

It’s no wonder!

This island is a gem with a name that is derived from the word for ‘eel’ because of its eel-like shape. Situated in the northern Caribbean, Anguilla is cuddled by turquoise seas and breathtaking white beaches. Anguilla has the perfect blend of elegance and style which makes it one of the best choices for vacations.It fascinates the visitors and creates everlasting memories for them.

At its widest point, including many smaller islands and cays it is approximately 16 miles long and 3 miles wide. Crocus Hill at 65 meters is its highest point. The Valley is the capital of Anguilla. Small islands and cays that come under Anguilla are Dog Island, Anguillita, Sandy Island, Prickly Pear Cays, Scilly Cay, Scrub Island, Sombrero and seal Island.

Anguilla holds a stable place in people’s places to visit list.

What Anguilla has to offer?

Serenity, blinding white sand, clear blue sky, lustrous blue waters, excellent food, amazing local music, pampering aura, reasons of coming to Anguilla are many. The most spectacular things for which Anguilla is famous are its coral reefs and beaches. Dazzling coral reefs makes it an excellent place for snorkeling or scuba diving.

If you are not that much into sports, then just hop on the glass bottomed boats and take the ride of the paradise. Most famous bays of this island are Shoal Bay, Barnes, Rendezvous, Road and Little Bay, Maundays, Meads, Captains and Limestone Bay. Each bay has its own allure that attracts the tourists towards them.

Put Anguilla’s travel guide in your bag, take the next flight to paradise.

Northeastern trade winds keep this island cool and dry. Nature has perfectly set everything in its place on this island. You can see local fishermen and sailors at work at the Island Harbor. The 1785 Wallblake House is serving as the only plantation house on the island. One of the few historical sites includes The Old Factory and Pumphouse at Sandy Ground. The Heritage Collection Museum is also a must visit place if you want to dive deep into the island’s cultural and historical background.

Crocus Hill, the highest point of Anguilla is icing on the cake on this flat land island. The Crocus hill is beautiful itself and if you go on the top of the view of the island from up above is also extravagant. On your way to Crocus Hill you will pass through The Old Valley, there you will find some of the nearby churches.

Anguilla has its own department of agriculture, situated in The Valley. From there, you can learn about the Anguilla’s plants, animals and migratory birds. It is put there to preserve Anguilla’s natural environment, cultural and historic resources and archaeology. Anguilla has many farms of corn, tomatoes, peas and other crops.

Things to do in Anguilla

Anguilla summer festival, Festival Del Mar, Moonsplash, Tranquility Jazz Festival, Annual Lighting of Christmas Tree and Annual Anguilla Yacht Regatta

All in all, Anguilla has it all to offer to the tourists. Your one visit to this astonishing place is enough to make you fall in love with it. Anguilla ignites the burning desires inside and enlivens the visitor. Talking about that, we suggest you visit Anguilla on your honeymoon. You and your love, holding each other’s hand, walking on the white sandy beach under a clear blue sky, fresh breeze and water ripples from the ocean, all these things set the mood for love.

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