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Clear and unbiased facts about Jamaica vacation (without all the hype)

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

You can have a time of your life with a Jamaica vacation

If I was on a Jamaica vacation right now, my first words to you would be “everything Irie?

This is the Jamaican way of asking if everything is ok! The truth is, this is an amazing beautiful island. However, you may be concerned about making this island an option for your vacation. That is a little disappointing considering this island is the home of such cultural wealth. I constantly hear or get asked about three major points of concern for visitors. Is it safe? Is it poor and is there a lot of drugs? Despite the amazing options for vacations, visitors sometimes are concerned about making this destination a vacation choice.

Yes, there is crime, poverty and drugs in Jamaica just as they are where I live in Atlanta, Georgia. So, while it is a concern, it is not unique to the island of Jamaica and thousands upon thousands of happy tourists visit every year and are safe and have a splendid time. My comment is typically, use the same level or a higher level of caution that you would exercise if you visit an unknown or unfamiliar location in the US – especially if you have concern about safety. I travel to Jamaica at least once per year and I have yet to be approached about drugs.

Why a Jamaica Vacation?

As a native of Jamaica, I do believe that Jamaica is one of the most special places on earth. Jamaica is rich culture, vibrant art, picturesque beaches, and world famous all-inclusive resorts. It is a land of lofty mountains, plateaus and plains all rich with flora and fauna. The climate varies from tropical on the coast to higher temperatures inland, creating a diverse mix of tropical and sub-tropical vegetation. With endless coastlines, the beaches range from reef-protected white sand in the north to black sand beaches in the south.

Jamaica is so rich in culture that visitors will be truly amazed by the vibrant atmosphere. Reggae music is everywhere and Jamaicans dancing to the beat of the rhythmic music is very contagious. All-inclusive resorts are a very popular option with travelers looking for a hassle-free vacation. With an all-inclusive resort, you can literally step off the plane and once you clear immigration, customs and collect your luggage, you will be immediately swept away to your own private Jamaican resort where you can live the vacation of their dreams without ever even leaving the resort. You will be catered to in a manner fit for royalty.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the mouth-watering cuisine! If you have not tried the Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork, then that should be on the top of your menu items. Wash that down with some Red Stripe Beer and you are in business. Dance all those calories off with the sound of some island music and your vacation just got a little more “island styling”.

Things to do and see in Jamaica

Imagine sipping on a refreshing rum drink in the lobby of your resort when you first arrive on the island or while relaxing on a sparkling white beach looking out over clear blue water.

What could be better?

Not much, the beaches of Jamaica are a destination in and of themselves.

  • The Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio’s is one of the most famous attractions in Jamaica

  • Visit the World-Famous Doctor’s Cave Beach, Jamaica’s most beautiful beach located in the heart of Montego Bay

  • For snorkelers and divers, Jamaica’s waters are just as beautiful. The North Coast is an excellent place for scuba diving and offers many reefs and canyons

  • The “Coral Sea” is a new attraction which offers you a unique view of the Montego Bay Marine Park

  • You can swim with a family of bottlenose dolphins in their home at Dolphin Cove

  • Visit the Margaritaville Caribbean Sports Bar & Grill. This entertainment complex offers restaurants, waters-port events and entertainment

  • If you leave Jamaica and have not ventured on a romantic or adventurous horseback ride, then you have missed a treat

  • For the golfers, Jamaica features 10 championship golf courses, some of which are regular stops for the PGA and LPGA tours

  • Dunn’s River Falls (Ocho Rios) enters the Caribbean Sea and is marked by 600 feet of mountain spring water cascading down the rocks toward the ocean. This is one of the most photographed attractions in Jamaica and can be climbed even by the non-athletic. Don’t leave Jamaica without visiting these falls

I could write several more paragraphs about why you can have a fabulous time in the island of love but I respect your time and I think you get the gist.

Who knows more than someone born and raised there and goes back annually?

Contact us if you want to know more about vacation in Jamaica.

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