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Expert shares secrets of astonishing over-water bungalows

You don’t have to travel to the Maldives to experience Over-water bungalows

I have hardly ever spoken to anyone who have not mentioned the experience or dreams they have of “Over-Water Bungalows “.

What is it about these over-water bungalows that make us seek that once-in-a-lifetime experience?

I think it has something to do with our image of paradise, being on a secluded tropical island; having accommodations on stilts, elevated above the ocean or is it the island of Tahiti or the Maldives?

Whatever it is, that dream is common.

For me, I was fascinated by the private plunge pools, glass-paneled floors, wrap around decks and the ladder leading down to the water. My eyes stayed glued to the pages that I never seemed to be able to turn in a hurry.

Up until recently, it seems as if the dreams to have this experience was not very accessible for many. It’s not easy to travel in coach for 17+ hours and then have the time difference to deal with so many dreamers kept the dream vicariously. Now, resorts such as Sandals Resorts have changed the game and they are bringing the dream to the Caribbean.


If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, the flight to Montego Bay is a short 3-hour hop. Then you have about a 15-minute commute from the airport to paradise. What! The bags are probably already packed.

BUT…. here’s the thing – these amazing accommodations are not in abundance and they sell out sometimes as much as 18 months in advance.

Here’s the 411 on these one-of-a-kind luxurious suites

  • They are perched on a deck floating above turquoise waters, featuring see-through glass floors for a picturesque view of the ocean beneath

  • They feature Tranquility Soaking Tub; over-water hammock for two and a private infinity pool so you can have various ways to live out your dream above the magnificent Caribbean Sea

  • Private boat transfers are available to go back and forth between this resort and other Sandals sister properties

  • Imagine going to bed at night to the calm of the ocean, nestled between your soft Egyptian cotton sheets and plush pillows on your king size bed

  • These suites are not ordinary, and neither is the service. Your personalized Butler Service is second to none with uncompromising standards fit for celebrities

  • Enjoy Room Service if you choose to…leave everything up to your Butler and enjoy all the fabulous amenities of your bungalow

Sandals Royal Caribbean’s private island is just a short ferry ride and boasts a Thai restaurant, a beautiful bar and grill (not that you want to leave the comforts of the over-water bungalow.)

If you’ve had an over-water villa or bungalow on your list, now is the time to explore the various options that are available to you. These coveted accommodations are now in Mexico, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Antigua.

Contact us to learn more about an over-water bungalow experience.

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