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Is luxury and romance still relevant?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Everyone is after luxury and romance but not everyone finds it

I admit, I am a romance junkie… I was reading romance novels since I was 9 years old. And, thrive on designing a luxury and romance experiences for myself and for others.

Allow me to share one of my recent luxury experience.

As the gates open, you immediately know that you have just entered a resort where you are guaranteed to experience luxury and romance.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya is where you can expect to be spoiled rotten and to encounter a level of service that is unparalleled to any other. Pictures and words can hardly express how breathtakingly beautiful this resort truly is. The beach is amazing…the sand is pure white, soft and totally inviting. There is something extremely serene when you go to bed to the sounds of the ocean and wake up to the sun glistening off the waves. Yes, you can see the ocean from your bed, your bathroom, your sofa and the quiet privacy of your patio.

With three sections (Ambassador, Grand Class and Zen) it’s like having three resorts and experiences all in one. Each section has its own theme and offerings.

The Ambassador faces the water and is the family-friendly area of the resort which includes 195 ocean-view suites (1300 plus square feet) with a terrace, sitting area, and some with private plunge pools.

The Grand Class is adult-only and designed for optimum privacy and relaxation. It features an oversized oceanfront suite (1300 plus square foot), large bathroom with mirrors that allow you see the ocean while you brush your teeth. The incredible ocean views provide a great treat for your in-room breakfast or a private massage.

The Zen Section is located about 3/4 of a mile from the beach, in the natural environment of the Mayan Jungle where peace and serenity will have you feeling like you never again want to be far from nature, from the beautify of the lush vegetation and the cheerful chirping of birds.

Luxury and romance was top of mind with the design of the accommodations. Amenities include details such as insect repellent, umbrella, and shoe shine service. After a delicious dinner, turn-down service kicks in with your slippers on your mat; breakfast menu on your bed; your television set up with music to lull you to sleep and your toiletries beautifully arranged with your personal dental and shaving kit.

Talk about luxury and romance.

Service: I’m searching for words to describe the service and I’m coming up empty. The staff is incredibly attentive, and you literally feel like royalty. You’re greeted by name and a smile…the door is opened for you; the chair is pulled out and you’re pampered every step of the way. How on earth they’re able to anticipate your every need is hard to imagine but they do just that. You’re treated to a level of service that is near impossible to compare.

Dining: If you’re a foodie, you just entered foodie heaven! Every restaurant is a treat! The restaurants are amazing in decor and the presentation of the food make you want to assume the title of foodie blogger, snap pics, take a bite and write about how gorgeous it looks and how delicious it tastes.

Cocktails are aplenty and includes premium brand. My personal favorite is the lychee martini…but each restaurant has its own signature cocktail so try them out for variety.

While the food is amazing, the staff is absolutely the best. They are extremely attentive, and their infectious smiles make you feel like you want to sit there all day and just bask in the warmth they exude. Time just slips by… one martini at a time.

Spa: The spa could take an entire section but suffice it to say the luxurious Signature Spa has been awarded “Best Luxury Spa – The Americas” at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2014. If you’re a spa enthusiast, then you may not want to leave the resort.

Try the Coffee and Cocoa Experience and be whisked away into the luxury of ancient traditions and tea pairing that will awaken your senses to a new level of peace.

If you’re picky and want to have a luxury and romance experience that you’ll treasure, then Grand Velas Riviera Maya is spot on. The resort is breath-taking, the service is impeccable, and the spa is to die-for. Make it your special treat.

Velas Resorts will surprise you. Reach out to us if you want to know more.

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