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Learn how to curate your dream wedding

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Have your dream wedding…the one others will envy!

A wedding is special…as women, we have a very definite picture of our dream wedding. Heck, we been thinking about the event since we were little girls.

I didn’t have my dream wedding, it was not the fairy-tale I imagined. In fact, my photos are in an album…digital images weren’t very popular then.

I got married in Jamaica but had no idea about how stunning a garden or a beach wedding could be.

Beautiful backdrops of the ocean or the lush, beautiful gardens of a fabulous resort…


I didn’t!

My wedding was cool, but there are so many things I would do differently if I was planning it now. We are talking over-water chapel with stunning ocean backdrops, horse-drawn carriage, fireworks etc.

Uhm, I think I am the beach wedding kind of girl!

And…I would have this fabulous beach wedding for less than a traditional wedding.

Are you kidding me?

Nope…it’s all true!

If you want to have a casual, intimate ceremony, outdoor weddings are magical. There’s something about hosting a beach or garden wedding that makes the whole affair feel more relaxed and leisurely. The scenery of either makes for breathtaking photographs and natural light tends to be the best friend of your photographer.

Credit: DreamArt Photography

LBLC Wedding Lifestyle Photo Shoot

So, what is so darn special about a Garden Wedding?

Here are a few points:

Beautiful scenery – often the floral decorations can be bypassed altogether in favor of the natural, beautiful abundance the garden offers.

More enclosed – garden weddings have the benefits of an outdoor wedding but tend to be more enclosed. Depending on the venue, a garden wedding may offer more protection from the elements than other outdoor options.

Less expensive – depending on which garden you would like to use to tie the knot, the venue may be reserved for little or no cost.

But you want a Beach Wedding

You can expect:

Incredible views – beautiful beach weddings are the norm. Photos which are taken outside of churches, chapels, and other indoor venues rarely compare.

Credit: DreamArt Photography

LBLC Wedding Lifestyle Photo Shoot

Minimal décor requirements – although beach ceremonies can be customized extensively with everything from lighting to music, the coast doesn’t generally require a great deal of intervention.

Cost – A beach wedding is a much more cost-effective choice than a traditional wedding for several reasons. There are no site fees to be paid. There is no need for costly décor. Additionally, your wedding attire will be casual, and less costly than tuxedo rentals and expensive attendant’s dresses purchased at a bridal salon.

If you’re not sure if you want the garden or the beach, consider a Wedding Preview to peek of your special day.

The opportunity to explore the locations, sample caterers and bakeries, hair and make-up etc. can go a long way in helping you “test-drive” your wedding before you commit.

Go ahead…explore, take pics, walk around, see yourself and your guests in the gardens or on the beach.

Can you walk in heels on the beach?

What about décor?

Which pics are most stunning?

Questions like these will help you get a feel for the type of wedding that will fit your lifestyle and tastes.

We’d love to hear your views on your wedding style, contact us to share your views.

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