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Reasons why people love beach wedding

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

If I got married again, I would want a beach wedding…

As a part of my on-going education as a Certified Destination Wedding Expert, I am required to visit resorts and learn about their destination and beach wedding offerings. During my visit, I couldn’t help but gasp in delight at every single wedding I witnessed.

They all had something unique that set them apart from the other wedding and it certainly displayed how creative you can be in making their wedding uniquely your own. As I looked on, I couldn’t help going back into my memory of my own wedding and smiled as I could picture what I would do differently.

What is your vision for your beach wedding? If I could do it all over again, I would choose a beach wedding over my traditional wedding.

So, what’s so special about a Beach Wedding?

There are few things more serene than the rolling splashes of the ocean against the sandy shores of the exotic resort you have chosen for your beach wedding. Combine that with the picturesque view of the water fading into the sky above, it isn’t any wonder why you choose to make your big day a beach wedding.

There is something poetic about committing fully to the person you love in a location where the natural elegance is nearly equal to the beauty of your affection for one another.

Weather – Both the time of day of your wedding as well as the time of the year can make a huge difference as to whether or not the event goes off without a hitch with perfect, ambient lighting or sends your guests running to escape harsh temperatures or rain.

Even if your planned times are correct, it is important to also have a “Plan B” indoor location mapped out. (Having a wedding planner can ensure that you have a convenient secondary location and also that you don’t have to relay location information to guests and officiants when you should be getting ready!)

Bride & Groom Attire – As a bride, you can choose less formal dresses which could mean less expense.  Because you may be getting married outdoors or on the beach, lighter dresses make a bitter fit since making your way down the aisle in a full dress and train is not as easy as when you have an aisle to work with.

The same thing can be said for high heels, which are better suited for an indoor reception than the actual ceremony when sand is involved. Some brides wear fancy flip flops which definitely is more cost effective.

For you grooms, tuxedos may be out which again is a cost saver. We suggest choosing an alternative in a lighter, breathable material such as cotton and a cooler color such as tan.

Decorations & Flowers – Most garden weddings are already colorful and do not require too much in terms of decor.  Many beach locations have minimal decor and can stand alone which reduces the cost of flowers that adorn the ceremony of an outdoor, beach wedding location.

Chapels overlooking the beach, over-water chapels and gazebos are often very attractive without additional decor but can look extremely stunning with soft tulle and a few adornments.

Tips to keep your wedding flawless:

Take into consideration the walking distance between parking areas and the wedding site when choosing the location of your wedding. Long stretches of beach are beautiful, but may be difficult for members who may have health or disabilities.

If you intend to have greeters or ushers at your ceremony, it would be a good idea to provide sun screen for them as well as bug repellent if insects are an issue at your chosen location.

Last, but not least, be sure that you send out clear instructions to your guests about where to park and how to find your wedding site. What might seem like unnecessary details will prove invaluable for anyone traveling to an unfamiliar location.

Every wedding requires planning and dedication of everyone involved to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch (pun unintended). It should be no surprise that beach weddings are not an exception to this rule, and have a few requirements of their own.

However, if you keep the above thoughts in mind when planning your wedding then you will be a bit closer to a successful ceremony.

Want to get some tips on destination weddings? Ask us.

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