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The modern rules of beach wedding dress

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Say yes to a sexy beach wedding dress…

I am attending a beach wedding in Mexico in November and the bride gave me some ideas about the dress code – beach formal. What? I had to look that up, lol.

But, it’s all about that sexy beach wedding isn’t it? Yes, I know, we talk a lot about romantic getaways, honeymoon travel, and destination weddings, but we rarely break down the essentials that make beach weddings successful. What’s one obvious element? THE BEACH WEDDING DRESS! Destination wedding dresses are a HUGE deal for brides, just as traditional wedding dresses are.

Don’t think so? It’s such a factor that major retailers like David’s Bridal and Alfred Angelo have gowns they recommend specifically to brides who are pursuing a destination or beach wedding. To ensure you are prepared prior to purchasing your own gown, we’ve compiled a list of necessary beach wedding dress considerations:

Length – Knee length or tea length dresses, though not as classically elegant as other lengths, are incredibly popular. This is due to their practical nature and the comfort they provide. (Be wary of loose short gowns, however. Breezes fail to appreciate the importance of modesty!) Although they won’t be as phased by high winds, floor length gowns tend to drag and get dirty, sandy, or wet during beach weddings. An alternative that compromises in the middle and reaps the benefits of both are the high-low dresses which have recently gained traction. They allow the same mobility that one gets in a shorter gown, while retaining some of the elegance of a full, traditional dress.

Cut/Style – Do you want to wear a ball gown? Do you want to be married on a beach? These are two seemingly unrelated questions which go together better than peanut butter and jelly. If you’re planning on a destination wedding, there are a plethora of reasons to skip the ball gown. (The least of which are the baggage fees!) A-line dresses can be much less difficult to navigate and don’t require the same cabin space that a ball gown would.

Fabric – Cotton & silk breathe better than most synthetic fabrics and are less apt to cling once you start sweating, whether it’s due to elevated humidity or because you’re rocking out on the dance floor. Experts recommend tulle, silk-organza, or chiffon to help you beat balmy weather. (Remember that synthetic blends of any of the above will be warmer, so be picky when choosing what you’ll wear!)

These dress attributes are great reasons to keep the time of year and destination in mind when making a final choice on your dress. Hopefully we were able to make that decision a bit easier by helping you rule out some of your selections.

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