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What I wish everyone knew about WeddingMoon

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

They Married the Wedding and the Honeymoon to give you the WeddingMoon

The first question we’re asked when we question couples about whether they have considered a WeddingMoon is usually “What is a WeddingMoon?”

To be fair, the idea behind a Weddingmoon is young, and many people outside of the travel industry or those who have just begun wedding planning may not have heard the term before. When you break the concept down, it’s simple and is essentially what it sounds like.

The WeddingMoon concept was originally coined by Sandals Resorts. It signifies that you have a destination wedding and your honeymoon at the same all-inclusive resort. What that means for you when you choose to have a Weddingmoon is that you have the perfect combination of an expertly planned vacation with your closest friends and family, a destination wedding and your honeymoon all in one beautifully bundled package.

The best part? You only plan one event!

…Still not convinced it is right for you?

Here are the Top 4 Reasons a WeddingMoon Could be Right for You – whether you’re about to become a newlywed or you are renewing your vows.


A WeddingMoon is the MOST CONVENIENT option if you are planning a wedding/vow renewal and honeymoon.

WeddingMoons are beyond simple convenience for a variety of reasons.

You only plan once. Choose your destination and how long you will stay, select a wedding package, and decide on the way you want to customize your wedding to your personal lifestyle and tastes and boom! You’re almost there.

You don’t have to find a travel agent AND a wedding planner.

If you were planning on going the DIY route for either a domestic or destination wedding: You don’t have to find a wedding venue, find a venue for the reception, choose music for the ceremony and then for the reception, find someone to perform the ceremony, find a caterer, find a florist, choose from their offerings, secure accommodations for guests traveling in from out of town, choose a destination, book accommodations, book flights, book transferring flights, book shuttles to the resort/hotel, look up what travel documents you will need, secure those travel documents, make meal arrangements… and even more!)

A WeddingMoon allows you to experience the utmost in relaxation

One of the best parts about having a WeddingMoon is knowing that once you arrive at the resort that everything is planned by experts and you can relax and start your vacation before the wedding day. The only thing you need to focus on is not focusing at all!

Sandals resorts are designed with love and romance in mind, which means that they are the perfect setting to enjoy your family, friends, and future life partner. You can successfully indulge in one another’s company and let the wedding planner/coordinator take care of everything you need while you’re there.

A WeddingMoon makes budgeting a snap

With a WeddingMoon you what to expect know before you leave on your trip. Everything from airfare, shuttling to and from the resort, to activities while you are away being planned for you in advance.

When booking your WeddingMoon experience you are aware of any extra costs which are required for any adventures you might have while away, so that even additional costs can be planned for in advance. Take the guesswork out of wedding and honeymoon planning!

WeddingMoon experiences at Sandals resorts allow dining around the world

Although you may choose to spend your wedding and honeymoon in a tropical locale, you have a myriad of dining options at your disposal. French, Italian, Asian… All these restaurant options and more are available to Sandals resorts guests.

Best of all? Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets can be catered to, as can food allergies. Never feel restricted by your dietary needs while on your WeddingMoon!

Your WeddingMoon, your way!

From the color and style of the bouquet to the type of suite you and your special someone spend your stay in, Sandals resorts let you choose every detail – you are free to make changes and upgrades to ensure that your magical day (and those that follow) are everything you have been dreaming of.

Although you may simplify the planning and accounting process, you will never feel as though you are cutting corners when you book a WeddingMoon experience.

Contact us to learn more about a WeddingMoon.

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