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What industry insider says about romantic honeymoon

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Let’s talk about planning…planning your exclusive romantic honeymoon

How long have you been dreaming about planning your special day? Maybe your honeymoon or wedding or your exclusive romantic escape?

I always seem to wake up with creative ideas about how to plan these special moments. It’s such a sexy business and I am passionate about it.

It’s Wednesday and I call it Wonderful Wednesday!


I really don’t know, but it sounds cute, lol.

Today, I’m doing something different. I’m talking to you one-and-one without all the politically correct jargon and protocols that makes everything look and sound “correct.”  I don’t really like all the “perfection stuff.”


Because I want you to know who I truly am, and I am NOT perfect. I want you to see me without all the fluff that comes with the need to present the “perfect” image. Life isn’t perfect.

Can we talk?  Like some real talk?

Who am I? What am I about? Are you wondering who is this person behind the emails?

You want to know:

a) Do I know what I am doing b) Can you trust me c) What is my track record and what can I do for you…. plus, plus, plus….

One reason that I’m taking this approach today is because I woke up to this review message. Here is what it said:

“Judith uses her God given gifts to make our dreams come true! The Lord led us to her for sure when she helped us book our dream. We wanted to go to Tahiti for our honeymoon, but everyone told us there was no way with the time and money we had.

Judith made it work and it was one of the most amazing adventures we have ever had together. Everything was perfect. Since then she books all our travel and is now a dear friend.”

That’s the real me. The “me” that I want you to know, behind the politically correct emails. I CARE…I take time to listen and get to know you. Your romantic honeymoon, wedding or escape is important to me!

Straight up, I made a lot of mistakes with my wedding and honeymoon plans. I look back at pictures of my wedding now and thank God for my sense of humor because that wedding was “messy.”  My hair was not a nice neat bun, the venue was hot, we had all kinds of onlookers in the background, just messy…. lol!

And, I didn’t make up for it with my honeymoon. About 3 weeks before the wedding I realized there were no honeymoon plans…duh!

I started scrambling (if your spouse-to-be is like mine), all this wedding planning stuff is not their cup of tea so they’re not looking at details and ways to make this an unforgettable moment. It’s more like “how much money do we have to spend on the honeymoon” ….

I was not an educated traveler at the time,we booked our 4-night honeymoon based on pics and budget. By night 2, we were ready to go home.

My question to you is: What kind of honeymoon experience fits your lifestyle and personal tastes?

Read my blogs and see why I would recommend the Caribbean or Mexico for your honeymoon or destination wedding or feel free to let me know what you would like.

Let’s be clear, you can plan your special event yourself or I can do it for you. I will bet my bottom dollar that I can save you time and money and design an experience that will be in line with who you are and what you want your honeymoon to represent.

Share your questions, thoughts and comments with us.

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