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Who else wants to enjoy a Mexico vacation?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

How do you experience an award winning Mexico vacation?

Just today I mentioned to a friend/client that I could design an incredible Mexico vacation for her. She was unimpressed by my recommendation.

Have you ever heard “you win some and you lose some?”

I have.

But when it comes on to my vacation, I want to win. And I do, when I get to have a Mexico vacation!

When I was a little girl I knew I was addicted to romance. As an adult, I love my job…I live for the moment when I can design your vacation…not just any vacation but your award winning vacation to Mexico or to the Caribbean.

Let’s face it, I’m a romance vacation junkie!

When I was 9 years old, I read romance novel for entertainment! Book after book, dream after dream – I imagined my prince charming and life happy ever after!

It’s no wonder I choose to design romantic travel for a living. My heart is in it all the way.

Now, I get to take your love story and write your romantic ending, all without you lifting a finger!

I often hear people say they want an exotic or award winning vacation experience but immediately say not to the Mexico or to the Caribbean. Are you kidding me?

They think it is too common…they want some exotic destination. However, I’m here to tell you that some of my most amazing travel experiences have been to the Caribbean and Mexico. And, as a travel agent, I am one of the most critical traveler that you can imagine. I look for everything in and out-of- place and think about you and the type of travel experience you will have. I scrutinize every detail and make mental and physical notes of what I like and do not like.

Why? Because I want to be sure that I have all the ammo to design your award winning vacation.

Arriving in Cancun was just the start of one of my most amazing trips in a long time. VIP treatment all the way. I had a long but comfortable ride from the Cancun Airport to El Dorado Seaside Suites.

I like:

  • To be greeted with a warm towel (with my name engraved on it) upon arrival

  • Being handed a glass of champagne and escorted for my private check in

  • Sip infused water by the fountain in a quaint restaurant and feast on delicious slices of fish on a bed of veggies and rice while I wait for my room to be ready

Then when I get to my room, a big grin spreads across my face as the delicious aroma filled my nostrils. My eyes darted instantly to a large bathroom with double sinks, private toilet, and huge shower with top of the line toiletries. I moved in closer, admired my four-poster bed with the beautifully arranged birds carved out of bath towels that adorned the bed and the edge of the Jacuzzi tub.

As I stepped down into the sunken living area, I saw the welcome letter, an arranged fruit tray with chocolate covered strawberries, fruit and chilled champagne. I thought about taking a quick shower, slipping into one of the beautiful robes that hung in the closet, opening the door to my private balcony and just sitting there in utter bliss.

But, I watched the couples as they laid and swayed gently back and forth in their hammocks. My gaze occasionally shifted to couples laying in the pools from their swim-up suites. All my cares vacated my mind and I soaked up the beauty of this magnificent property.

I took a very relaxing and blissful nap …in paradise!

What do I like about the El Dorado Seaside Suites?

Well, how much time do we have? Here are a few:

  • The things we don’t think about like the swing sets for two that are strategically placed all over the resort

  • The gorgeous beach with day beds so you can curl up with a book and listen to the ocean

  • Or, the many benches at various spots where you can relax, play games, read or soak up the sun

  • The spa with all the luxurious treatments and scents that you want to savor forever

  • Dining is a treat at any of the 7 restaurants on property where you taste buds are seduced in every possible way

The fact that I had my own personal concierge and had an outstanding service was an added bonus. I can honestly say it’s not any one thing. It was a myriad of touches that made my stay one that I will treasure for a very long time.

I could write paragraphs, or I could sum up my experience in simple language – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Contact me to hear more about my vacation to Karisma (El Dorado Seaside Suites – Infinity Pool Section.)

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